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RedX Industries is a leading manufacturer of building materials including, Precast Elements (Hollow Core Slabs etc.), Concrete Blocks (Hollow, Insulated or Part), Interlock Pavers, Concrete Kerbs & Flags, Ready-Mix Concrete, Crusher Products, Washed Sand, Artificial Stones and Asphalt products.

Hollow Slab

Hollow core slabs are pre-stressed concrete elements, cast with advanced extrusion technique.

Precast Panels

Architectural precast concrete panels by SlenderWall. Lighter, stronger, less expensive... discover the SlenderWall advantage.

Stairs and Landings

Precast Concrete Staircases, Stairs with Landings and Separate Landings make

Parking Buildings

Concrete is made up of cement, aggregate (particles of stone) and sharp sand.

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Our Company s motto is to provide customers with quality concrete products and good service. In order to continuously monitor material and product performance, REDX laboratory operates a fully staffed and equipped in-house laboratory and conduct tests on raw materials and products on a regular basis.

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RedX has established a vertically integrated business model that provides processing, storage, distribution and customized logistic solutions.


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RedX has two state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories one located in Hafeera another in Hidd.
Our laboratories are committed to conduct tests and researches about building materials, using the best valid practices to issue our customers quality products, in order to achieve the highest standards of credibility for the customers and consultants.
RedX laboratory was devoted to quality assurance, in order to promote and stress distinction and excellence, the laboratory has made enormous efforts in improving performance, as confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification, that the laboratory was committed to the best international practices in quality control and quality assurance.


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Regularly job and subject training are provided by technical and laboratory department.