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RedX has two state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories one located in Hafeera another in Hidd.

Our laboratories are committed to conduct tests and researches about building materials, using the best valid practices to issue our customers quality products, in order to achieve the highest standards of credibility for the customers and consultants...ReadMore
Building for Sustainability

Adding green technology to concrete Redx is forerunner to achieve the sustainability in development. It has promoted the following towards making concrete construction greener


1. Proper and systematic development of concrete mix design to avoid excess usage of material
2. Application of quality control on concrete types mostly in use. Received the highest number of approval from ministry of works for concrete.
3. Promote usage of fly-ash and cement replacement in concrete.
4. Promote Recycling of water and usage of reclaimed aggregates.
5. Promote usage of local materials to reduce long distance transport.
6.Conduct awareness programs on concept of sustainability