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RedX has two state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories one located in Hafeera another in Hidd.

Our laboratories are committed to conduct tests and researches about building materials, using the best valid practices to issue our customers quality products, in order to achieve the highest standards of credibility for the customers and consultants...ReadMore
Quality reveals our ability

The RedX Concrete Blocks are core-filled with quality concrete and reinforced, they are suitable for erecting loadbearing walls. RedX Masonry Blocks division operates a high capacity, automated and computerised plant prevailing from MASA, Germany. This cutting-edge technology shoved RedX into one of the Bahrain’s largest producers of Concrete Blocks with a production capacity of 80,000 blocks per day. We’re equipped with the contemporary machines and qualified staff to produce a variety of blocks in the Kingdom.


Each of our products has both international and local standards for quality, depend upon the requirement. Most importantly all our products are certified and approved by local authorities such Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Works.